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Our team can offer you a competent and breed-specific education that is tailor-made for you and the ability of your dog.


Michael Hopfenspirger is the head of the dog-training centre Isartal. He is in charge for the protection training of the Sport and Schutzhund dogs. He also takes care of the participants of the active vacation program and teaches the obedience classes.

Since 1976 he has been totally dedicated to the dog Sport. During that time he participated in more than 200 trails (the most was SchH) of different breeds  and mixes.

He has earned numerous awards and medals from the VDH, SV, and BK for being a top dog handler. He is also an accomplished and respected Schutzdiensthelper, who has worked in many championships competitions and Körungen.

As a trainer for the movie he was with 7 different dogs at the set.

Hopfenspirger's impressive successes include:

bulletIn April of 2000 in Italy he won  the vice-world champion title at the ATIBOX (world championship of working boxers) 
bullet Six month later he became the "German champion of working boxers 2000" with a dog he only took over 3 month prior. 
bullet In 2002 with the same dog he won the 2nd place in the German Championship competition
bullet In April 2003 he took 5th place on the ATIBOX in Slowakia.


Melanie Unger trains dogs for Sport and Schutzhund. She has succesfully done trails, including the BH (Companion Dog), SchH 1-3 and ZTP (Zuchttauglichkeits-Prüfung or Breed Suitability Test) with many different dogs. She also has a lot of experience with sensitive, difficult, and dominant dogs of all breeds.  

Her other successes in working dogs also are very impressive:

bulletIn 1999  she  became the title
"1. German Youth-champion"   of working boxers.
bullet2001 - she won the title of "German Youth-champion" again and with another dog she won 2nd place. On the German Championship competition she received 8th place.
bullet2002 - she earned 8th place in the  ATIBOX in Spain and 2nd place  on German Youth championship competition.
bullet2005 - she  became the title
"1. German Junior-Champion"  of working boxers.