Rottweiler Larry

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Hi, I am


a good looking Rottweiler - male. 

I was born in February 2002, I知 breed in the ADRK, out of a famous kennel.

My hips and elbows are x-ray checked. The result both of them is +/-. I知 in good condition and healthy. I get regular my vaccination and inoculation against worms.

My character is sweet, friendly and I like children, but there is also temperament inside myself. I知 the right one for house and family. I would be also good for a newcomer in the dog-sport (not for the highest level), because I知 easy to handle.


My story:
In 2004, my owner (Peter H., living in the USA) took me to the Hundezentrum Isartal for education. There we did the training very well and with success. They titled me in BH, AD, Schutzhund 1, 2 and 3.
The judge of ZTP was very strict, he said I知 1 cm smaller than the norm, this means I知 not good enough for breeding.

From this time on, my owner doesn稚 care about me and he didn稚 take me back
, this unfaithful guy. He didn稚 pay the costs for education.

Since this time I
was living in the Hundezentrum, where I feel very good. I cood use the big kennel outside and they regular was going for a walk with me.

Even so: I wished to get a new owner, which spend more time with me unfortunately I was in the Hundezentrum 登ne of many.

In the end of April 2007 the time was coming: one lady took me to her family where I feel very good.


     Do you want to play?          Come on, move your body!       Hey guy, whats up?         

Yeah, super - this is my world, full of action